Frequently Asked Questions

Below you’ll find answers to the questions we most get asked about our Sentinel range of products.

Sentinel Gel should be ordered directly through your exclusive distributor that you place your order through, contact details can be found on our exclusive partners page. Anyone ordering direct with Sentinel should Call 02393 162 024, email or order direct online at

Yes, sentinel gel is a certified Vegan product.

Sentinel gel has been formulated with long term use in mind and has ingredients such as Glycerine which moisturises and leaves your skin feeling soft.

Sentinel gel has a 70% alcohol content and carries the EN1276 certification which means that it kills 99.9% of bacteria.

A red light illuminated for 5 seconds after dispensing means a low power battery.

A red light illuminated for 2 seconds after dispensing means there is an obstruction under the sensor.

Your Hand Gel Dispenser will begin to deliver less gel than necessary to sanitise your hands and the dispensing pump will not deliver any Gel to your hands when empty. If you open the unit, the container inside has markings to show you how much product is left inside.

To register for your extended 2 year warranty please visit and fill out our form under the warranty tab. Your warranty is then registered on our secure database.

Sentinel gel has been specifically formulated to work with our stands to ensure there are no blockages or wastage of product. Using an alternative product invalidates your warranty.

Use the key to open the dispenser and carefully remove the dispensing funnel. Carefully run under warm water and clean both ends with a soft brush or cloth.

The Sentinel stand comes with all the relevant CE, ROHS and FCC certifications. Sentinel Gel also has ISO and EN1276 certification.

Sentinel dispenses approximately 0.8ml per application meaning around 1200 dispenses per litre. This gives fantastic stock management with minimal wastage.

A good quality battery will provide approximately 30,000 dispenses.

Yes, you can buy the sentinel plug for the Lite directly through your exclusive distributor. Anyone ordering direct with Sentinel should Call 02393 162 024, email or order direct online at